I was born in Crete. Pottery is my lifetime passion. After getting my Classic Studies diploma, the Architectural design diploma at the Pottery School, I came to Italy with a scholarship to widen my knowledge of the art of pottery.
I finished the two-year specialization courses in “Art of majolica” and “Ceramic technology”, also attending the “Ceramic restoration” course at the Istituto d’Arte per la Ceramica “G. Ballardini” in Faenza. At the end of my studies, I started my professional activity in Forlì, where I currently live and work.
Clay is my raw material. It is a malleable material, which can be moulded and modelled through your fingers, which are constantly working in accordance to it, so that the clay does not get rebellious. The last word belongs to the oven: earth equals fire, fire equals earth. And so, these two separate elements merge to give life to the ceramic. To the material, I add the thinking; I try to intertwine the lessons of the ancients with modern expressivity.